Topic: Database Bootstrap File

To help newcomers quickly sync, I made a snapshot of the database as of today, July 03, 2020.

It's 1.6GB, and 1.9GB after expansion. If you're starting Dalilcoin for the first time, the configure script should create a .dalilcoin directory. cd to that directory, download/move the file above to that directory and then do this:

tar xzvf dbJuly032020.tgz

You can then delete the dbJuly032020.tgz file.

When you start dalilcoin for the first time, it should already know about all blocks, transactions, etc., up to July 03, 2020.

This copy of the database contains extra information corresponding to the "extraindex" option, intended to support block explorers. If you want the database to continue keeping up with this extra information, add extraindex=1 to your dalilcoin.conf file.