Topic: Staking Bug Report

My node had not staked in a while, so I looked in the debug.log file. There I saw many lines like this:

Searching for an unspent litecoin tx with at least 1000 litoshis.
problem trying to burn 0 litoshis

I looked in my litecoin wallet and it had more than enough to make a burn tx, but I did see one unspent litecoin tx with exactly 1000 litoshis. I suspected maybe dalilcoin was trying to choose this one to burn resulting in maybe constructing an invalid litecoin burn tx. My workaround was to consolidate the 1000 litoshis with another unspent tx. After doing this dalilcoin did manage to stake again. It is not clear if dalilcoin was really doing what I suspected, but in case this happens to someone else I wanted to post my way of working around it.