Topic: How to register for the forum

In the first few weeks of the dalilcoin forum many spam accounts registered and made spam link posts. To discourage spammers from registering, I've set up the following way to register:

If you go to the "Register" page and registration is closed the page will give you a litecoin address. If you send (at least) 0.001 litecoins to the address, then registration will open for about an hour.

If you want to register and for some reason you cannot obtain a minor amount of litecoin, send an email to requesting that registration be opened on a particular day at least one week in the future. I will try to open registration manually on that day.

The last alternative is to keep visiting the "Register" page at random times. It will be open sometimes, so eventually you are likely to get lucky.

If you do manage to register, do not put unrelated web links in your signature. If you do, your account will be considered a spam account and deleted.

Re: How to register for the forum

I've opened registration again and plan to leave it open for a day or so. If you register, please do not put irrelevant links in your signature or profile. Otherwise your account will be deleted.