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Dalilcoin discussion seems to have mostly taken place on the Dalilcoin subreddit, althought it has been mostly used for announcements rather than discussion. In case the subreddit becomes inaccessable, this discussion forum can potentially take over as the default forum.

For now registrations will be closed (until I find a reasonable way to prevent spam), but a few initial posts will copy some important content from the subreddit. If anyone wants to register early or volunteer to be a moderator, please email me: zain at

Re: New Discussion Forum

Well, I was able to register for the forum. By the way, the forum is not currently under https, making it insecure for passwords. Are you planning to get a certificate and support https?

Re: New Discussion Forum

I enabled registrations temporarily last week. I've now disabled registrations again since some suspicious accounts were registered in the past day. I'm likely to open and close registrations intermittently for the foreseeable future.

Again, if someone wants to register and registration is closed, email me at

I'll try to set up https soon. Thanks for pointing it out.

Re: New Discussion Forum

I set up the website and forum to use https.

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I've closed registration for the forum again. It's difficult to tell spammers from non-spammers, but I'm classifying users as "spammers" if they include links to a website. I'd allow a link to a website if the website was related to formal mathematics, but so far that isn't the case.

If you're not a spammer and you want to sign up, email me at zain at

I may set up an automated way that people can open registration on the forum temporarily by donating a small amount of litecoin to a litecoin address. I suspect that would be enough to deter spammers while also giving new users a way to sign up without needing to email me in advance.

Re: New Discussion Forum

The forum has been overrun by spam accounts. I closed registration again, but made a bot that will temporarily open registration for about an hour everytime someone donates at least 0.001 litecoins to a certain address (see the registration page for details, as the address might change over time). My hope is this will allow real people to still easily register while imposing enough of a cost to discourage spammers.