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Topic: DLCF -- redeemable SLP tokens

I've created a new SLP token "DLCF", minting 10,000 DLCF backed by 10,000 real Dalilcoin fraenks. These can be purchased and traded (via memo.cash) and ultimately redeemed for the corresponding number of Dalilcoin fraenks.

Here is the memo.cash url for the SLP token:

https://memo.cash/token/358878734192850 … 7044bb4f1c

The 10,000 DLC fraenks backing the SLP token are held at DXx8eaANUejRicsySsp33VE9eF3baDYPpv:

https://dalilcoin.com/proofexplorer/que … eF3baDYPpv

If you obtain some DLCF tokens and want to redeem them for actual Dalilcoinf fraenks, send the DLCF SLP tokens to address simpleledger:qzpf2d2eyjffuzh88nr7zr2p92774kr5k5py4upz5w.

The corresponding memo.cash account (profile name "RedeemDalilcoin") is here:

https://memo.cash/profile/1CuTb7tT2xxha … XfxPaSUYiT

I will manually check the RedeemDalilcoin address once a week or so and for every DLCF SLP token sent, I will send the same number of Dalilcoin fraenks to a certain Dalilcoin address. To get the Dalilcoin address, I will look at the legacy bitcoin address that sent the DLCF SLP token. This legacy bitcoin address will correspond to a Dalilcoin address. If you import the corresponding btc private key into Dalilcoin (using the importbtcprivkey command), then you will have the Dalilcoin fraenks in your wallet.

Since the blockchains are public everyone can verify that the redemption took place and the the number of remaining Dalilcoin fraenks at DXx8eaANUejRicsySsp33VE9eF3baDYPpv is 10,000 minus the number of DLCF tokens that have been sent to the RedeemDalilcoin address. I will never send DLCF tokens from the RedeemDalilcoin address, and this can also be verified on the public BCH blockchain.

I'm initially setting up 13 asks ranging from 25 DLCF at 0.001 BCH up to 2000 DLCF at 0.5 BCH. When some of the lower asks get taken, I am likely to reduce the asking prices of the ones above it.