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Topic: SLP Token for Dalilcoin Futures

Dalilcoin isn't listed on any exchanges yet (as far as I know). An SLP token on BCH seems like an easy way to create some basic market. To test the idea, I'm creating an SLP token corresponding to "future" dalilcoin fraenks.

There is now an SLP token DLCFF1219 "Dalilcoin Fraenks Future Exp Dec 01 2019".

https://memo.cash/token/da9e22df527b59b … ba3deeec0b

I created 100 of these tokens and plan to list them for sale on memo.cash. If things work as I hope, on December 01 2019 (in one month), I should be able to see the BCH addresses of who holds how many of the 100 and I will send the corresponding amount of Dalilcoin fraenks to the corresponding Dalilcoin addresses. (Every Bitcoin address corresponds to a Dalilcoin address.) I've prepared an asset with (over) 100 fraenks that I'll use for this:

https://dalilcoin.com/proofexplorer/que … af433fe1f9

If this experiment works, I hope to distribute more Dalilcoin fraenks this way in future months.


There was a slight complication. The token seems to have been created twice: once on BCH and once on BSV. This means there are 100 of the tokens on BCH (the ones I meant to create) and a different 100 tokens on BSV (the ones I did not know I was creating). To try to be fair, on December 1, 2019, I will send 1 fraenk to each address holding 1 fraenk of the BCH-style tokens and also 0.5 fraenks to each address holding one of the BSV-style tokens.

Re: SLP Token for Dalilcoin Futures

As another experiment, I made an NFT version of the token with a new 24 of the NFT versions. There does not seem to be any benefit of using an NFT version, so I just will not offer to sell these NFT tokens and will ignore them.

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Re: SLP Token for Dalilcoin Futures

It's December 1 and no one bought any of the DLCFF SLP tokens, so I didn't have to send anyone Dalilcoin fraenks. I've removed all the DLCFF SLP offers.

Since demand is apparently low, I'm rethinking how to offer some redeemable SLP tokens that are not time dependent. I'll make a separate post when it's set up.